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If you are from the Czech Republic, you know this issue. People in the Czech Republic wear socks in sandals and it’s part of many jokes. It looks horrible, it is shameful and hilarious. Other than eating homemade schnitzel with a slice of bread you can recognize Czechs abroad by socks in sandals.

If you are not from the Czech Republic, maybe you are asking yourself, why would you care if someone wears socks in his sandals? And why would you judge someone for what (s)he wears?

I am asking that myself my whole life, and this question is even more current since I moved to New York. During one hour walk through NYC you see thousands of different styles, someone wearing black, someone glitters, men wearing dresses and heels, you can see anything you can think of as well as what you can’t think of. But what you can also see is the best fashion designers and gurus.

There is no greatness where there is no room for experimenting, there is no greatness where there is shame and judgement and there is certainly no greatness in shaming and judgement. Not many self confident and opinionated people grow out of kids that hear around themselves judgment and humiliation. There is no importance in what others wear or do and what their opinions are as long as they don’t affect you. The beauty of that is that equally, your clothing and opinions don’t matter to that person, and you are free.

Yes, this mentality is rooted in every corner of the small country, and tt is easy to go with the flow. But it is more beautiful sometimes not to go with the flow.

The socks are not the problem!

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