Kristýna Mihmanlı
I am a nature lover, so one of the top destinations for me was the Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO world heritage site of 2000 isles appearing in the King Kong movie and captured on the VND 200,000 banknote.The bay is located in the north-east Vietnam, around 3 hours far...
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After I came to Vietnam I figured I can’t post, so now I will try to make up for it and say as much as I can in the following articles.Vietnam was my trip to get out from my every day routine, my comfort zone and to get everything sorted...
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I think I can call my granny now to make her finally satisfied with the amount of animal protein I am consuming. Meaning number of beatles floating in my vegetarian meals.Even putting this funny fact aside, it is not that easy to eat vegetarian in Viet Nam. It was quite...
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